Preventive Maintenance

Westech Industrial Electric Preventive Maintenance will save you money, increase building safety and help maintain production integrity. Westech Industrial Electric, we are electrical expert contractors that are uniquely qualified to work in live voltage situations. Westech Industrial Electric inspections can provide a record of building status while under actual operating conditions.

Westech Preventive Maintenance


Most electrical and mechanical problems at industrial plants are manifested by temperature changes before a failure.As electrical connections become loose, there is a resistance to current that can cause an increase in temperature. If left unchecked, heat generated can raise to a level where connections begin to melt and connections open. Possibly, fire results.

In addition to loose connections, problems can arise from load imbalances and corrosion. Regular Westech inspections can locate hot spots before a severe problem occurs.


Westech Industrial Electric Preventive Maintenance Program will provide the ability to optimize the availability of process machinery and greatly reduce the cost of maintenance. It will also provide the means to improve product quantity, productivity and profitability.

A Westech Industrial Electric Preventive Maintenance Program can minimize unscheduled breakdowns of electrical and mechanical equipment in the factory and ensure that repaired equipment is in acceptable condition. A Westech program can identify problems before they become serious. Most problems can be minimized if they are detected and repaired early. Normal mechanical failure modes degrade at speeds directly proportional to the severity. If the problem is detected early, most major repairs can be prevented. The End result is no production down time or additionally repair cost.